Muslims Are Just As Boring As The Rest Of Us

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 14 2011 @ 7:25pm

Jonah Goldberg defended "All-American Muslim" in the show's latest controversy. Friedersdorf highlights the following comment on Jonah's post:

I, somewhat randomly, attended the annual convention of ISNA, the largest Muslim organization in the United States a few years ago. It was a massive affair in a Chicago convention center, attended by tens of thousands of people and it was EASILY among the most boring events I've ever been to. Tens of thousands of people schlepping their kids around to endless booths, selling halal cookbooks, prayer mats, and other random ephemera, while there were panel discussions about whether kids should attend public or religious schools, about discrimination in the workplace, etc. The young people were relentlessly flirting and getting into minor mischief. It reminded me EXACTLY of the Jewish conferences I attended in my youth. 

This is the face of Muslim America. This is the face of America. Anybody who's been swept up in the nonsense that Islam is incompatible with America should be sentenced to witness with endless line of minivans filled with whining kids at the ISNA convention. Maybe this show will have a similar effect. To boycott is utter nonsense.

Amy Davidson compares the two sides in the debate.