Where Will Is Wrong On Romney


His column today represents the tip of the spear in Republican Washington's panicked fusillage against someone who was once and will again be the least popular public figure in America. It pounces on Gingrich's classic blow-up this week, when he seemed to criticize the activities of Bain Consulting. It is, indeed, a largely leftist point made by Newt:

“I would just say that if Governor Romney would like to give back all the money he’s earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees over his years at Bain Capital, that I would be glad to listen to him.”

Compare it with Huckabee's brilliant quip from the last cycle:

“I want to be a president who reminds you of the guy you work with, not the guy who laid you off.”

But Will goes overboard when he defends the sophomoric photograph of Romney and his Bain fellows literally covered in money. The "animal spirits" of capitalism are surely better captured by genuine entrepreneurs, not fabulously rewarded consultants, who exist because weak CEOs need an alibi for firing people. And what Romney is revealing in that photo is pure worship and celebration of money and wealth – and the joys of rubbing it in the face of others.

It's toxic. It's ugly. It's what helps drag conservatism down. You want a way to remind Reagan Democrats that the GOP is not their kind of show any more? The photo will do it. Can you imagine Reagan in that picture? Nah. Only the spoiled children of Reagan.