The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged the last debate before the Iowa caucuses, and we collected reax here. Gingrich lost altitude in the polls, Romney saw a lift in Iowa, and Fox News rejected the democratic process (more disdain here, and a reader's thoughts here). Gingrich has done everything for himself, and he may not even want to be president. In our AAA video, Andrew thought through a Ron Paul presidency, he elaborated on his endorsement in a response to Frum, and Brian Doherty reflected on Paul as a normal political choice. Paul did in fact disown Reagan, Romney has a private equity problem, and his life as a poor missionary in Paris came under dispute. We previewed a crucial moment of Gingrich's candidacy, assembled reax to the Ryan-Wyden plan to reform Medicare, and Obama capitulated on indefinite detention. We assessed Ron Paul's chances, the congressman refused the marriage pledge (take a look at the comments at NRO here), National Review put out an entire magazine to "anti-endorse" Gingrich, and the Weekly Standard held out.

The war in Iraq came to a formal end, John McCain doubled down on US imperialism, and Greenwald provided an update on the Josh Block smears. We imagined a post-Assad Syria, Huntsman is unreasonable on Iran, and every people is "an invented people."

We debated the best ways to discourage and prevent date rape, the field of neuroeconomics emerged, and the typical law professor knows nothing about being a lawyer. A reader warned against playing with gender stereotypes, Hitch has not found God and is not finding God (related dissent of the day here), and infertile women do not lack families. 

Chart of the day here, FOTD here, MHB here, VFYW here, and shit gay guys say here