“Love, Hitch”

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 16 2011 @ 1:17pm

It was how he ended every email. Love. English, yes. But also such a deep generosity of heart and compassion and gentleness, disguised by his public bravado. A reader reminded me of this moment at a party at his house. A glimpse of remembered friendship through my now suddenly unstoppable tears:

Inside, Hitchens opined on whether the Obama administration should answers calls from the left to prosecute Bush administration officials for illegal interrogation of prisoners: “As long as it's agreed that these steps were taken in response to public demand,” he began, only to be interrupted by Andrew Sullivan, who greeted him with a hug and a kiss. “I want tongue. Give me tongue,” Hitchens implored, to no avail. “No, I'm not giving you tongue,” Sullivan replied, feigning astonishment. “Let the record show: Sullivan wouldn't give tongue,” Hitchens replied. (“He's gayer than I am!” Sullivan later told us.)

Another clip from the Russert-me-Hitch interview after the jump. We discuss the role of religion in one of our rare public discussions on this subject: