Dish Readers: Who Are You? Ctd

Dish Readers: Who Are You?

The reaction to our reader-driven survey has been overwhelming – responses are steadily approaching the one million mark. Even if you've already participated, there are likely new questions from readers waiting for you above, so check it out. For those of you seeing the survey for the first time, we explain it here. A reader writes:

I think the reason you're getting so many responses is that your software (Urtak?) is the best I've ever seen. I get one or two surveys per week from companies I do business with and ignore nearly all of them, because I'm tired of being asked ridiculously complicated questions about what is important to me (always with way more dynamic range than is necessary, like from 1 to 10 when probably "not at all", "a little", or "a lot" would be enough). The yes/no format is refreshing.

Urtak's engaging and easy-to-use interface is why we are allowing the number of questions to reach 50 and beyond. Such a large number of questions on a typical survey would be overwhelming to answer all at once, especially multiple choice. More on Urtak's approach to polling here. There are more reasons it works for us:

Comment boards are a terrible place. Anonymous users tear apart authors and each other. … Urtak, one of the 12 summer TechStars NYC startups, thinks it has a solution. Instead of comments, Urtak wants users to leave and answer questions. Founder Marc Lizoain says he's seen user engagement with comment boards increase 70% when publishers use Urtak. … "Rather than having 10 or 20 comments on an article, we're seeing hundreds of people answer questions," says Lizoain.  "Questions help direct online discussions."

More from Lizoain here. I've been absorbing the data and was surprised in a few ways. More later. But three quarters of a million individual responses to questions? It's the best Christmas present a blogger could ask for. And we'll be thinking of using Urtak some more in the future.