Is Egypt Screwed?


Marc Lynch panics over the military junta:

[I]t is ever more clear that the SCAF is not capable of overseeing a genuine democratic transition, and that its recurrent resort to violence against its own people should badly undermine its legitimacy.  The protest-violence dynamic is turning uglier with every iteration.  It needs to be short-circuited in favor of a bold new transition plan before it's too late.

Walter Russell Mead zooms in on the economy:

In Egypt, they are facing a new problem.  They’ve changed rulers, but the crops still won’t grow.  As this Washington Postpiece shows, the Egyptian economy has been going downhill ever since Pharaoh Hosni began to tremble on his throne. This is a bigger problem in Egypt than bad times are in countries like the US.  In America bad times can mean cutting back; during bad times in Egypt, poor people don’t eat…If the Muslim Brotherhood can’t make the crops grow, Egypt will start looking around for a new ruler more likely to win divine favor.  That will be the moment the Salafis are waiting for. Let’s hope the crops start to grow.

Aymenn Jawad Al Tamimi blasts Egyptian liberals for letting it come to this.

(Photo: An Egyptian protester rests in a littered street off Tahrir Square in central Cairo on December 20, 2011. Clashes between Egyptian security forces and protesters demanding an end to military rule entered a fifth day in violence that has left 12 people dead in less than a week. By Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images.)