Meep Meep Watch

As the House GOP revolts against its own Speaker and risks raising taxes on millions in January, and as Obama re-emphasizes the need for bolstering the economy and spreading the sacrifice more evenly … the polls are on the move:

Obama's gains have come at the expense of the Republicans in Congress and the GOP in general. By a 50% to 31% margin, people questioned say they have more confidence in the president than in congressional Republicans to handle the major issues facing the country. Obama held a much narrower 44% to 39% margin in March.

And the GOP's overall favorable rating has dropped to six points, to 43%, since June, while the Democrats' positive rating remained steady at 55%. "The Democrats do particularly well among middle income Americans, while the Republicans win support only from the top end of the income scale," adds Holland.

In the battle for the middle class, Obama has had a good fall. My own view is that the GOP nomination circus has helped him immensely. With the exception of Romney, they just don't look ready for government. And their absolutism against taxing the very rich combined with their plans to transform Medicare is not a great advertisement for their middle class voters.