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Paul third party
Today on the Dish, Andrew stood by his endorsement of Ron Paul, he reflected on Hitch's force of will, and Marc Tracy put forth a theory of Hitchens' Jewishness. Obama has had a good fall, we wondered when his views on marriage equality would fully "evolve," and Keith Humphreys predicted that the president would win the Iowa caucuses. Ron Paul is officially the frontrunner in Iowa, we dusted off his eponymous racist newsletters (a reader's take here), and the RNC-FNC prepared to continue to ignore Paul and disregard Iowans. We pictured a Paul victory in Iowa, everyone can agree that Congress is a disaster, and Caddell channeled Kaus. Erick Erickson highlighted some important inconsistencies in the GOP field, Romney's nose grew, and the former governor made jokes about butts. In our AAA video, Andrew elaborated on his critique of the Catholic Church.

Russia absorbed the Arab Spring, Syrian protestors retaliated with song and mockery, and a sanctuary in Costa Rica gave orphaned monkeys a second chance. We worried there would be no genuine democratic transition in Egypt, rated US leverage in the Middle East, and discussed the implications of Saudi Arabian investment in Twitter. North Korea remained a mystery, the Israeli left was crowded out, and Maliki's government came apart

Piers Morgan equivocated, he encountered the "whole new universe" of ethics, and likely voters are unreliable. Thatcher's handbag was her gavel, tobacco posed a colossal threat, and readers reimagined cable. 

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