The Establishment vs Paul, Ctd

Rich Lowry's take on the latest numbers from PPP is instructive:  

Don't look now, [b]ut per that new PPP poll cited by Katrina, Santorum is just 4 points behind Newt for third place in Iowa. Sure, you can say that of about half the field right now, but doesn’t Santorum deserve at least a "first look"?

Heh. Meanwhile, a reader notes:

The Politico piece ends with a mention of Ron Paul "hijacking" the caucuses and how his attempts to win the state are seen as a mockery of the process according to party elders within the state. This ignores the fact that Ron Paul is the only major candidate who is actually doing things the traditional way by being in Iowa campaigning and strengthening his support network.

Romney abandoned the state early on as a certain loss and only now is trying to compete. Cain and Gingrich both refused to actually establish offices all across the state. These other candidates are trying to avoid the gruntwork of campaigning in Iowa in favor of bombarding voters with TV and radio advertising and using the debates and interviews with friendly national outlets (Fox News and conservative radio) to win people over. The campaigns are hoping they can convince Iowans that they care about Midwest issues while not causing a scheduling conflict with a book signing in Florida.

If actually meeting with voters and winning them over in-person is hijacking, we could use a little more of it.