Whither Pubic Hair? Ctd

A reader writes:

I'm disappointed that you linked to a piece as poorly reasoned and sex-negative as Roger Friedland's. His claim that men began to desire teenage females only in the 1970s is preposterous.  You may be familiar with a play written in the 16th century, titled "Romeo and Juliet".  In it, Juliet, who is 13, is considered an appropriate object of erotic desire (and an appropriate marital partner) both by a young man her age and by a man (Paris) whose age is not specified but who is clearly a full-fledged adult. I could multiply similar examples indefinitely. 

And if women in pornography shave their pubic hair because feminism has made men afraid of women with hair, why do male performers in pornography also shave their crotches?  Anyone who knew the first thing about cinema would know the answer to that question, which is that shaving (for both sexes) enhances visibility, and visibility is what film, especially pornographic film, is all about.