The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 26 2011 @ 11:16pm

Today on the Dish, we launched the annual Dish Awards poll (keep voting early and often), which led to the tightest Malkin race evah and a showdown between Andrew vs. Jennifer Rubin in the Von Hoffman race. Jim Henley explained why Ron Paul couldn't produce the newsletters' authors, Nate Silver argued that Paul needed the race to be tight to have an impact on the GOP, and Jonathan Bernstein thought that the new delegate distribution rules weren't really going to help the good doctor – though his son might stand a better chance in 2020.

The Economist tracked the global work ethic while Yglesias worried about America's overlarge houses. Readers sounded off on that awesome Navy kiss and the Christmas gifts thread, Tebow's successes (while they lasted) bolstered a sort of American Christianity, and Teach For America caught some flak. Scientists couldn't figure out why nipples got hard, obsessed over correlations, and explained why people walk the way they do. Though Martin Luther demonstrated things could go viral before the internet, riots have gotten way more efficient in the age of cell phones.

Calvin and Hobbes fans got a belated Christmas gift (seen above), celebrities rode the subway, and KnowYourMeme ran through 2011's best. MHB here, VYFW here, and FOTD here.

– Z.B.