The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew read Ron Paul's fortune in the New Hampshire tea leaves while Mark Blumenthal cautioned against attempts to do the same in Iowa. Byron York chronicled Paul's appeal outside the GOP, Beinart hoped his support inside the party will be able to change it, Adam Ozimek situated Paul's portfolio in the broader context of his crazy beliefs, and Michael Cohen did the same with respect to the congressman's foreign policy views on issues other than war and peace. Paul's rivals also got some Dish play – we couldn't understand why Romney wasn't getting hit harder, thought through what happened if he flopped in Iowa, and wondered if the Gingrich flop was being oversold.

Dan Savage campaigned to win the Moore Award, the Israeli government's P.R. team screwed the pooch, and analysts had faith in the Arab Spring. The rich continued to run Congress while Robin Hanson couldn't understand why workers in prestigious industries were the only ones allowed to put in long hours.

Philosophers pondered food, birds adapted to cities, and athletes spawned a few little superathletes. Readers raked Tebow and Tom Junow over the coals and ingenious students found a way to repurpose low-value New York metrocards to good use. We also, nicely enough, gave you a belated musical present for Boxing Day. Hathos Alert here, VYFW contest winner here, VYFW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.