The Ron Paul Harrumph

Hard to beat Michael Medved, for whom Paul's non-interventionism simply cannot compute. Decades of marination in the view that America can do no wrong ever anywhere, means that Medved can simply appeal to what he calls "the mainstream", which, for him, includes those who want to "cure" gay people, deport 11 million illegal immigrants, invade Iran by land or by nukes, turn the US Congress into a part-time endeavor, increase defense spending while slashing entitlements, and reinvigorate the drug war. Yep: that's the mainstream, and Paul is clearly demented to challenge any of it.

Notice the pile-up of name-calling. Medved calls Paul "Dr Demento" for starters. His non-interventionism is "eccentric, detestable," but the Iraq war, which killed up to 100,000 Iraqis, 5,000 American soldiers, and was based on a false premise: well, that was just dandy. Paul is then called "the mad Doctor." He has zero chance of winning: "in the all-but-certain event that Ron Paul fails to secure the GOP nomination …" But Medved is not taking any chances:

By far the best outcome for those who yearn above all to replace the Democrat in the White House would be to witness the rapid, well-deserved fizzle of the Paulian insurgency.  This sort of quick collapse remains a distinct possibility—with a disappointing showing in Iowa followed by even more limited support that polls presently predict in the other early primary states.

Remember Frum's diagnosis of "full, unconcealed panic" if Gingrich were to win the nomination? Ratchet that up a few notches if Paul wins Iowa.