Bashing Santorum – From The Right

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 30 2011 @ 2:00pm

Erick Erickson bashes Santorum as a "fake conservative:"

Rick Santorum participated in raiding the federal treasury as an earmarxist, perfectly happy to pork away on Pennsylvania’s behalf. He did not join conservatives who fought against No Child Left Behind. He did not join conservatives who fought against the prescription drug benefit.

Rick Santorum was part of the problem in Washington. He was one of the Republicans the public rejected in 2006. The voters in Pennsylvania rejected him in 2006 because of his and the Republicans’ profligate ways. Along with Tom DeLay, Rick Santorum led the K Street Project, which traded perks for lobbyists for money for the GOP funded with your tax dollars through earmarks and pork projects.

Jennifer Rubin, by contrast, thinks Santorum's swell:

And, unlike Ron Paul, he is solid and knowledgeable on national security.

Do even those who disagree with Paul think he has no "knowledge" of the issues around foreign policy? Notice how for neocons, those who disagree with them simply don't know enough. This from the people who assured us there was no sectarianism in Iraq before the war. By "solid", of course, Rubin means an advocate of Greater Israel and war on Iran. Santorum is indeed a classic big government Christianist, a pro-torture Catholic, and now an advocate for industrial policy.