Making Calendars Consistent

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 1 2012 @ 7:39am

Steve H. Hanke and Richard Conn Henry want to replace our Gregorian calendar. Stephanie Pappas summarizes:

Under the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar … every date falls on the same day of the week — forever. …  To account for extra time, Hanke and Henry drop leap years and instead create a "leap week" at the end of December every five or six years. This extra week, dubbed "Xtr", would adjust for seasonal drift while keeping the 7-day cycle on track.

The two also tackle time:

"The time in Australia is the same as it is for us, but their clocks are set different," Henry said. "We’re just saying, ‘Set your clocks to the same time, because it is the same time.'" All the world’s clocks would be set to Universal Time, or Greenwich Mean Time as it’s generally known. Time zones would be abolished, as would Daylight Saving Time, of which Henry is especially not fond. "Suppose the government decided that in summer we should drink more water, and so in the summer had the size of the quart increase, so that you got more water with a quart," he said. "It’s as stupid as that."