Getting Through The Recession (With Marijuana)

Tony D'Souza profiles a variety of people who turned to the pot trade when the economy went sour. "Colin" transported high-grade weed from California to Eastern states:

Colin has since driven "thousands and thousands of miles," he says, and gotten to know everyone from big-time dealers who "roll with guns" down to working-class guys with families trying to make ends meet. "Cobbling together a full load between a bunch of different schools, plus teaching summers, I'd pull in about $20,000 a year," he says in edgy, rapid speech that hints of excessive caffeine, or nerves. "I made double that in a month driving East twice. When my wife lost her job, it just felt bleak. I would only have ever done this because of the recession."

And there's a striking historical parallel with the original Prohibition here. It was the depression that finally ended the mass insanity.