Sanctified Sex Toys

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 2 2012 @ 8:20pm

The adult industry courts the religious:

With the voice and disposition of a summer-camp director, Joy Wilson founded Book 22 a decade ago, when she had trouble "getting her body to respond" to her husband after their second child, and her online search for remedies yielded scandalous imagery that offended more than it helped. The pioneering site, named after the Biblical book also known as the Song of Solomon, now faces growing competition from rival vendors including Hooking Up HolyIntimacy of Eden, and Covenant Spice. And the industry grew exponentially this fall with the launch of the Orthodox Jewish shop Kosher Sex Toys, and last year with the Muslim vendor El Asira

J. Bryan Lowder claps:

I am definitely glad that these sites exist. Good sex is clearly important for a healthy romantic relationship, and if religious types (especially orgasm-desiring women) need a holier box around their vibrator in order to make it palatable, I say praise the lord.

Local Lutheran minister Bob Snowdon is giddy.