Why Did Romney Get A Pass?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 3 2012 @ 8:02pm

Byron York is incredulous

As Iowans go to their caucuses, Romney has remained remarkably unscathed. The campaign ad study found that only 20 percent of ads have targeted him, and even those mostly hit several candidates, with Romney being just one of a group. Romney has faced nothing like the full-bore, straight-on attacks that crippled Gingrich. Of course, some of Romney's adversaries just don't have the money to wage an air campaign. But some do. Rick Perry, for instance, has spent more on ads than any other contender in Iowa and also has a super-PAC raising money on his behalf. But Perry has spent his time fighting to be the anti-Romney, not fighting Romney himself.

Adam Sorensen proposes a theory:

Maybe, just maybe, everybody is hesitant to bloody Romney on the airwaves because they don’t want a raw relationship with the nominee. He’s looking that strong. … If the GOP primary is practice for a November bowl game against President Obama, Romney’s been given the red jersey. For the most part, no contact.