The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew liveblogged the photo-finish Iowa caucuses, fired a cannon shot in the libertarianism and racism wars (follow-up with TNC here), defended the claim that Ron Paul was improving the GOP, engaged with readers on the Paul v. Huntsman question, explained why Santorum really is a big-government radical, tracked Romney's PAC shadiness, and checked in on the Euro.

Romney lied (constantly), Jim Geraghty speculated that he might do worse than in Iowa than in 2008 despite not being hit too hard, and Packer worried about whether Romney's campaign boxed him in to insane governance. Paul won the Log Cabin Iowans (all 7 of them) and cruised ahead in the Drudge caucus. Santorum appeared set to win even by losing, rocked the sweater vest to victory, got some neocon love, and ludicrously proposed to ban contraception,  In other candiate news, Huntsman was still a Republican and maybe should have campaigned in Iowa, Gingrich got killed by the media, and the Perry/Bachmann/Gingrich trifecta looked screwed. Pundits debated how to interpret Iowa in advance and tracked the polls. Iowans were both peeved about being misrepresented by the media and not super-excited by the caucuses.

Egypt had an army problem, Iraq had a Maliki problem, the US had a drone problem. Robert Wright started a new blog, Will Willkinson renounced the libertarian label, readers continued to debunk the assisted suicide slippery slope canard, and a gaggle of writers microscoped ethanol policy. Readers talked about calendars and path dependence, the planet was super-old, and we looked at a photograph one year in the making. Parking policy was silly, trying to make a fake $1 millon bill to buy a microwave was silly, and a terrible drag show was also – you guessed it – silly.

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