The Fattening Of America

Frum blames obesity rates on major societal changes, like the decrease in calorie-burning jobs:

The campaign against obesity will have to look a lot less like the campaign against smoking (which involves just one decision, to smoke or not to smoke) and much more like the generation-long campaign against highway fatalities, which required the redesign of cars, the redesign of highways, and changes in personal behavior like seat-belt use and drunk driving.

On that note, Copyranter criticizes the below ad, which is part of a "whopping $50 million [campaign] over the next five years" to combat childhood obesity in Georgia:

These depressing ads, via Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, will, in my opinion, do nothing but make fat kids feel fatter and parents feel like shit.

If I was a fat kid, these ads would make GaObesity2me want to hid in the pantry, or worse. "We felt like we needed a very arresting, abrupt campaign that said: ‘Hey, Georgia! Wake up. This is a problem,’ ” said Linda Matzigkeit, a senior vice president at Children’s Healthcare. But I agree with what Marsha Davis, who researches child obesity prevention at the University of Georgia’s College of Public Health, said: "Making people feel badly about their weight doesn't work as an agent of change. I guess it depends on what we want to do with these ads. If we want to get attention to say obesity is a problem, maybe they will be effective. In terms of the social stigma about weight — it might actually make people feel worse about that….We need to fight obesity, not obese people."