The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew watched the above video and teased out what one can (fairly) conclude from it. He also noted Bill Kristol's enlistment of Gary Bauer as spokesman for the neoconservative cause, chuckled at Vatican insanity over gays, set expectations for Romney in New Hampshire, and got some backup on Mitt's viability in the general from Arah-say Alin-Pay. We discovered some nasty details from Romney's Bain days, questioned his claims about creating jobs, tracked a debate over the qualit of the Republican field, blamed Bush for the state of the GOP, and examined whether the non-Romneys were a circular firing squad. Santorum was popular in the South, was understood as the political Tebow, and was peddling nonsense about polygamy. Huntsman had a modicum of momentum (possibly enough to get money from his pops), he and Paul benefitted from a Romney decline, Ron enabled both the mass imprisonment of Americans and his son's ambitions, and James Joyner timed out the inevitable GOP revolution.

The international response to brutality in Syria was muddled, Iran sanctions had bite, and the defense budget may not have contributed to innovation. Lobbying paid off, Thatcher hated lazy crony capitalism, and women didn't need their own blog to talk about politics. Marriage equality faced a test in New Jersey, Salt Lake City won the crown for "gayest city" (Orlando came in #2), nasty zealots acted like hipsters, and the best way to rebel was in secret.

Crime declined, weather made men work, arguing with the fam helped kids, calling your mam calmed you, television shows sneakily manipulated contagious laughter, Amtrak's future wasn't clear, people were afraid to say they were sick, and Paypal went nutzo with respect to counterfeit policies. Faces of the Day here, Yglesias nominee here, VFYW here, AAA here, Quotes for the Day here and here, and MHB here.