Romney’s Play In Florida

Stephen Hayes looks ahead

Romney is by far the best organized candidate in Florida. His super PAC is pummeling Newt Gingrich in the mail and in television ads on the conservative panhandle. And his super PAC, Restore Our Future, has plans to buy more. His campaign is already running ads in Florida (he's on his second message, according to one Florida GOP consultant), including a new ad targeting Spanish-speaking Floridians. But the story of the Florida primary may be absentee ballots. As of the beginning of this week, 413,000 Floridians had requested absentee ballots for the January 31 primary – some 46,000 of which have been returned. Romney’s team has quietly kicked off an elaborate plan to encourage supporters to vote absentee … Romney advisers believe that it’s possible that the campaign will have met half of its vote total goal in Florida before polls open on January 31.

Marc Caputo has more on the above ad. Pema Levy discusses the implications of Romney's tone-deaf approach to immigration.