Save The Cows!

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 12 2012 @ 7:58am

Eric Andrew-Gee is more concerned about slaughterhouse practices than about seal hunting or bullfighting:

Yes, a bull’s death in the ring is more painful than a cow’s death in a slaughterhouse, and I don’t wish to excuse the brutality of this tradition. But slaughterhouses often provide animals with a gruesome death, too. According to a 2008 federal audit, the stun guns meant to knock cows out before they’re killed sometimes don’t work, which means animals end up being cut into pieces while fully conscious. And this raises another question: Why is the brutality of the animals’ death set above the brutality of their lives? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about animals with a terrible quality of life and an often-miserable death than about harp seals and fighting bulls, which have charmed lives but more starkly violent deaths?

I explained my attitudes on meat-eating and factory farming here.