The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew blasted the NYT public editor's cluelessness, fingered Israel for the bomb in Iran, expressed remorse over the outburst of excitement at the man's death, found a money connection between Newt and Netanyahu, warned Ron Paul against endorsing Mitt, looked at the wide-open South Carolina polls, marveled at Palin's economic populism on Bain, watched the video that might kill Romney (especially when the Dems amplify its message), thought the defense of Mitt was emotional weak sauce, and forcefully defended (with reader backup) that his primary candidacy was, in fact, killable on Bain grounds. We found his "envy" line on the 1% daft, surveyed his weakness with conservative opinion leaders (except the flip-flopping McCain), saw Romney's ideological "flexibility" becoming a general election vulnerability, and cautioned that Obama's reelection was hardly inevitable. Romney voted "present" on the drug war, the GOP's Hispanic problem wasn't going away, and a reader deepened the conversation about campaign signs.

The Arab Spring threw America a reputational lifeline, some Iranians outside the regime supported the nuclear program, Iraq was OK on its own, and Bashar al-Assad idiotically compared himself to Darth Vader. American soldiers violated Taliban corpses, most of our planes became drones, the war on terror ended, conservatives had reason to cut defense, and our torturers were compared to the Inquisition. The debate on conservatism and fracking continued, Krauthammer had a moment of honesty about Obama, Grover had a sordid affair, and the free ponies promise was a fascist Trojan Horse.

The meat industry was brutally abusive and, as a consequence, Americans ate less of it. We aired a number of reader views on AP credits and white male pop, smart people weren't more likely to be uggers, people misunderstood hackers, and Jimmy Kimmel explained how marriage equality would kill us all. MHB here, FOTD here, VFYW here, and AAA here