28 Minutes Later

Gingrich dutifully provides a mash-up of Romney’s best gaffes to suggest that he’d lose to Obama in the debates. As Jennifer Rubin notes, the “most delusional thing about Newt is that he thinks he would do well in debating Obama.” A Gingrich email blast yesterday warned of “a thousand years of darkness” if he doesn’t beat Romney. Ed Kilgore analyzes the brutal half-hour anti-Bain ad by Newt’s PAC :

You can make your own judgment, but this is one of the most devilishly effective attack communications I’ve personally ever seen–a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at the white working class id. 

Here it is, perhaps the 28 minutes that will kill the Romney candidacy. Make your own mind up:

Steve Benen has watched it:

The challenge for Romney and his team is both the video itself and the realization that the victims it highlights are not alone — for the next 10 months, Americans will be introduced to a whole lot of people and communities who suffered “when Mitt Romney came to town.”