Ad War Update

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A new daily feature we are introducing on the Dish, where we will round up all the recent campaign ads and explore their impact. Alex Altman zooms in on the robust activities of Romney's SuperPac: 

Once it started buying ads, Restore Our Future never stopped. The $153,017 it spent that first week increased to $1.04 million the next, where it stayed relatively level until the week of Jan. 2, when the race shifted to New Hampshire. Romney’s support in the Granite State required less reinforcement, so Restore Our Future’s spending plummeted to $583,299 the week before the New Hampshire primary, before ratcheting back up to $2.1 million the following week. Even more ads — at least $2.58 million worth — will run next week, the last before the Jan. 21 South Carolina primary, where Romney hopes to all but sew up the nomination.

Most South Carolinians, however, will first see a version of the "King of Bain". Example of an abridged version:

Newt is calling on his SuperPac to "either to edit out every single mistake, or withdraw the entire film" because of errors – though of course much of the damage to Mitt is already done. I discussed the Romney camp's inadequate response here. Apparently the campaign has plans to unleash a more aggressive counterattack. In this ad, under his own name, Gingrich compares Romney to Kerry and Dukakis and throws in the French card for good measure:

Allahpundit is miffed:

[T]his is the second time in two days that Newt’s team has turned an otherwise effective spot into a caricature of an attack ad. Yesterday it was the old business about the dog on the roof of his car, today it’s the fact that, like a certain other filthy rich politician from Massachusetts whom conservatives disdain, Romney speaks French. Doesn’t famous brainiac Newt Gingrich speak a foreign language or two, or ten? This would have been a jolly fun zinger two presidential elections ago, but in case Newt hasn’t heard, we fight wars alongside the French now and everything. What does it prove? That Romney’s an elitist phony? Good news —the base already knows.

Gingrich has also been slamming Romney on abortion in South Carolina. In this radio spot, Romney reintroduces himself to the state's evangelicals: 

Michael Warren notes

The ad, featuring activists Mary Ann Glendon and James Bopp Jr. touting Romney's pro-life credentials, may also remind South Carolinians of DeMint's endorsement of Romney in 2008. DeMint has not endorsed a candidate for 2012 and has all but completely ruled out doing so before the January 21 primary in South Carolina. 

Igor Volsky has more. Romney's SuperPac is knocking Newt with this spot in South Carolina and Florida: 

Naturally, Gingrich is threatening to sue for defamation. Meanwhile, Santorum's SuperPac is running this spot in South Carolina:

Restore Our Future is already taking aim at Santorum in Florida (money quote: "And he even voted to let convicted felons vote"). Lastly, Rick Perry, who is now polling behind Huntsman in South Carolina, is not about to "quit on the future of America" and makes the commander-in-chief argument. This new Perry ad features a "Tebowing" football player seven seconds in:

Weigel giddily narrates the ad's "most inspiring" imagery:

How about the iPad2 playing a scene from Rocky, laid on top of Perry's now-sort-of-funny Time magazine cover? Or the soldiers unfurling a flag, so that we might see its glory? No, too generic. The video really picks up with the image of the small boy chasing fighter jets with his own wooden toy plane. We go from the local to the largest image ever seen in a 2012 ad: Only earth, seen from space, can demonstrate how massive Rick Perry's jobs record is. … 

Have you ever seen Obama smile towards God as the America flag flutters over him? I don't think so.