Does Romney Have A Mormon Problem With Evangelicals?

Not great internals from South Carolina for Mitt.

Gingrich leads among evangelical Christians with 40%, followed by Perry with 15%, Romney with 13%, Santorum with 12%, and Paul with 10%.

I suspect this is a sectarian gap. I mean: Romney losing this vital constituency to Perry? Among non evangelicals, Romney has a commanding 48 percent lead, with Paul second. The difference between 48 and 13 seems to me to be too big a gap to ignore. Then there are op-eds from a Reagan Republican like this one. Money quote:

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe for one moment that if a Mormon like Mitt Romney were elected president he would be a puppet controlled by the Mormon hierarchy. But even if he kept his faith completely private, the election of a Mormon president would, ipso facto, swathe Mormonism in a respectability that it has long coveted. Such respectability would aid the church in making converts, particularly among the less-educated people of the developing world, where Mormonism is winning most of its new adherents these days. Thus, to vote for a Mormon for president would be, however unwittingly or indirectly, to assist in the propagation of a religion which, whatever good works it may be doing along the way, is still disturbingly like a cult.