Could The Bain Bazooka Backfire?

John Heilemann finds reason to think so:

[T]he belief that an anti-business message appeals to tea partiers is rooted in a misunderstanding of the movement. “Criticizing Bain did for Mitt what he couldn't do for himself — converted him from a flip flopping political opportunist to a proud, ruthless creator and destroyer of companies and men,” notes a savvy progressive organizer of my acquaintance. “That's a feature, not a bug for tea party folks, the vast majority of whom are not wage workers like the ones who got laid off. As Theda Skocpol observes, the tea party is composed mainly of small business owners, retirees, military families, and women who don't work — not a laid off steel worker among them.”

Allahpundit isn't sure whether the Bain attacks will be effective but he wants to find out:

If “creative destruction” is now anathema to Republican voters, we should try to find that out sooner rather than later so that the party can move left and start pandering appropriately, yes?