An Ally We Cannot Control

The US has begun to take steps to protect itself in case Israel unilaterally opens up a new World War III. These are not good omens:

Tehran crossed at least one of Israel's "red lines" earlier this month when it announced it had begun enriching uranium at the Fordow underground nuclear facility near the holy city of Qom.

The planned closing of Israel's nuclear plant near Dimona this month, which was reported in Israeli media, sounded alarms in Washington, where officials feared it meant Israel was repositioning its own nuclear assets to safeguard them against a potential Iranian counterstrike.

Despite the close relationship between the U.S. and Israel, U.S. officials have consistently puzzled over Israeli intentions. "It's hard to know what's bluster and what's not with the Israelis," said a former U.S. official.

It's never a good thing when an ally bluffs an ally. But when the consequences could be this grave, it calls into question whether it is an ally at all.