Becoming Calvin


Belle Waring reflects on an eight-month period where her daughter Violet, a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan, chose to cut her hair short, dress like a boy, and only answer to the name Calvin:

John and I talked about it, of course. We thought, maybe she’s a baby dyke, or a budding trans person, or just really loves Calvin and Hobbes, or something else. There didn’t seem any harm in it. It was clearly centered on Calvin the character, at least at first, but later seemed to be more generally that she was a boy. … It is interesting that Calvin’s biggest supporter was her older sister, who began calling her Calvin immediately, and demanded that I buy her boy’s underwear the way she wanted, and so on. Violet is still very insistent that she never wants to develop breasts. (Her sister, at 11, is just barely beginning to do so.) I don’t know how she’ll feel when that starts to happen. Maybe she will go back to being Calvin; maybe not.

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