Why Not Rob The Rich?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 16 2012 @ 2:40pm

Brian Leiter defends the staid Marxist line:

If 75% of the wealth of the richest one-tenth of 1% of American society were immediately expropriated, there would be no need to discuss cuts to spending that affects the well-being of the vast majority. This is a democracy, why isn’t this a major topic of public debate? Why aren’t the national media full of debates between defenders of the right of the Koch brothers to keep their billions and advocates for seizing the majority of their fortune to meet human needs? One only needs to read Marx to know the answer.

Will Willkinson screams:

The reason Leiter's proposal to "expropriate" or "seize" wealth on a monumental scale is not presently a hot debate topic is not that Charles and David Koch have somehow kept the subject off "Up with Chris Hayes." And it's not that the tender-headed liberal "moralists" have lulled the 99% into scrupling to loot Tim Tebow's bank account. The reason is that it is well understood by intelligent, well-informed people that Leiter's is a disastrously stupid idea inconsistent with the sort of social order that does meet human needs reliably and well.