The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew called out Fox News for making him persona non grata – which potentially produced an on-air debate over the blockbuster Newsweek piece with Megyn Kelly – and defended his Obama defense here, here, and here. He also live-chatted about the article with readers, found Palin's shrill denunciation of it telling, acknowledged that Europe might derail Obama's 2012 hopes, and noted some unsurprising vagueness from Mitt about budget cuts. On the campaign trail, the shrinking field bolstered Romney's already-dominant position, South Carolina inched his way, he might have broken far enough ahead to win every primary, and the base got (hypothetically) sold on Mormonism. Last night's debate had some fallout too – Gingrich got slammed for his horrific remarks on race and Perry got hammered for calling the leaders of a NATO ally "Islamic terrorists."

We envisioned a global democratic future, developed solutions to Egypt's specific trouble on that front, had hope for Iraq, worried about Iran's oil-powered clout, and charted the limits of European solidarity. The President wasn't a private equity CEO, The Dark Knight was a cautionary tale about violence and state power, and the universe was a mystery. A man opened up about being raped by a woman, facials in porn started as a semi-empowering safety measure, nicotine patches proved mostly unhelpful, your digital activity created history, "Lamb Chop" ventriloquist Shari Lewis went under the microscope, and readers kept going on fracking and conservatism.

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(Screengrab via John Cook)