Ad War Update

The RNC launches ("his only hope is to go negative"): 

Here's the DNC's takeaway from Monday's debate:

Alexander Burns braces for a "long, predictable general election debate over which party’s nominee is more of a scheming, untrustworthy politician":

Dishonest and evasive versus desperate and negative. Welcome (probably) to the next nine months of our lives.

Here's Newt's "closing argument," which highlights his "food stamp president" bit from the South Carolina debate:

Mitt's latest defense of "free enterprise" co-opts Huckabee, who has yet to endorse a candidate:

Emily Shultheis has more

Huckabee has defended Romney since the barrage of Bain attacks started, and his former adviser Bob Wickers officially joined the Romney team last week. The former Arkansas governor hasn't officially backed anyone in the race and said this weekend that he was still undecided, but it's unlikely that Romney's campaign would have used the Huckabee footage without at least tacit approval from him — so even though it's not an endorsement, it certainly is an encouraging sign for Romney on that front.

The new Ron Paul spot below reflects Paul's "sorry I'm not sorry" approach to truthful attack ads: