The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew liveblogged that crazy (Newt!) GOP debate (reax here), followed Perry’s withdrawal and endorsement of Newt, marvelled at Newt’s surge to the top of the SC polls,  decided Gingrich’s open marriage was a non-story, and hammered home his conviction that Romney could still lose. Andrew also offered the Newsweek article as an antidote to Romney’s lies, chatted with Tina Brown about the piece, examined his debate with a Romney strategist on Anderson Cooper, kept the heat up on the epistemic closure machine called Fox News, fit the Keystone XL decision into his broader theory of Obama, got angry at Bibi’s media antics, and wouldn’t give a spot of credibility to advocates for Iran war.

Bloggers wondered if Gingrich’s ex would kill his campaign, reexamined their SC predictions, found poor evangelical strategy in the state, wrote postmortems for Perry’s campaign, thought the Bain issue would haunt Romney, guessed at whether President Romney would repeal Obamacare, clashed over Ron Paul’s foreign policy, and were astonished by the candidates’ many debate fails. Obama opened up to Fareed Zakaria, drug wars varied, defense overspending threatened US security, SOPA Day changed the political landscape on the terrible bill, the economy looked up, and people (bizarrely) loved corporations. Tumbleweeds came from Eurasia, building stuff made us like it more, dumpster diving was tough, and the Christian right got old (or not?)

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