A Fashionable Habit

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Mother Mary Magdalene turned to artist Julia Sherman for custom-designed habits for the Community of Compassion, a new Anglican Catholic order in Forth Worth, Texas:

Sherman pointed out that the nun’s habit has undergone dramatic changes in the last century. “In the 1960s,” she explained, “feminist nuns lobbied to gain the right to do away with the habit altogether. As a result of their activism, young religious women today have … reappropriated the symbol, modified it to their liking, and consider it to be an elegant wedding dress to be worn in perpetuity. One order, The Abbey of Regina Laudis, even made an alternate denim habit to be worn when they work, relating their lives to that of the American blue-collar laborer.”

(Photo: a partial view of one of Sherman's designs including the Harmony Hood ($208), Alban Cloak ($489), and Agnes Dress ($412).)