In Bed With Evangelicals

If it weren't also horribly "sexually stunted," Tracy Clark-Flory would be quite entertained by “Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy With Your Spouse" by Pastor Ed Young and his wife, Lisa:

David Sessions deconstructs the evangelical obsession with sex:

[E]vangelicals are intensely concerned about keeping pace with the culture around them. It’s a weird form of progressivism, a fear of being left behind by history, even if it is rather spotty and selective. So because sex is such a huge deal culturally and politically, it is “on the brain,” and tends to push that sort of issue to the forefront of the discussion. I think at one point there was a sense, even if it isn’t as raw now, that talking about sex in a frank, explicit way could make up for the ways evangelical theology forces believers to remain culturally backward.