An Ode To Dishness

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 25 2012 @ 5:20pm

A reader writes:

I love watching your process. I was very pissed off at you last night for the totality of your dismissal; I was gratified by the community that responded (whereas I went to bed); now I'm touched and awed by "After Some Sleep", as I was after you walked back your Ron Paul endorsement (elements of which had troubled me), by your relentless drive for honesty and the blessing of your humility. What is also dawning on me today is how grateful I am for all the readers and contributors you have cultivated. This is indeed a family – perhaps virtual and clearly no substitute for a flesh-based one, but real nonetheless. To go from tantrum to scolding to a cathartic and mature admission that there is room for error and a middle ground, I feel like I am part of a living, growing, evolving entity.