Gingrich Goes For The Cuban Vote

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 25 2012 @ 1:14pm

Newt pummels Mitt's immigration proposal on Univision:

Tina Korbe makes an obvious point:

[I]t’s interesting to observe the way the emphases of the candidates change according to their audiences. Gingrich definitely wants the vote of Miami’s large Cuban population, don’t you think?

Adam Serwer looks at how the two candidates are currently faring:

Gingrich's relatively moderate approach to immigration when compared to Romney hasn't moved the needle much in his direction as far as Latino Republicans in Florida are concerned. Latinos still back Romney over Gingrich 35 percent to 20 percent, although 21 percent are undecided, according to ABC News' Matthew Jaffe. Romney's appearance on Univision this afternoon could have a significant impact on how that 21 percent ultimately breaks. 

Weigel focuses on Newt's economic attack:

Gingrich has spent two weeks attacking Mitt Romney's career as a public equity captain and a co-founder of Bain Capital. He's dropping the subtlety now, and making an argument that plucks the middle class voter's heartstring: That rich jerk doesn't even work for a living.