Swing Voters Loved It

Screen shot 2012-01-25 at 11.21.31 AM
That's Stan Greenberg's finding from watching 50 of them in a focus group respond to the speech. The Osowatomie strategy seems to be pushing the GOP into a smaller and smaller corner:

The dials spiked when the President made his strong populist pitch for the “Buffet Rule,” with Democrats exceeding 80 on our 0-to-100 scale and both independents and Republicans moving above 70.  There was no polarization here, as voters across the political spectrum gave Obama high marks.  And Obama’s framing of the economic challenges facing the country through the lens of post-World War II America was particularly effective.  He also received high marks for his proposal to change the tax code to encourage “insourcing” instead of “outsourcing,” his call to change our “unemployment system” to a “re-employment system” and his appeal to make it easier for entrepreneurs and small business to grow and create jobs.