Well, It Sure Worked

Some pretty stunning results for a SOTU, even though they usually get high marks. A reader adds:

Today at work the response has been surprisingly positive.  I live in Central PA, otherwise known as Pennsyltucky. What’s surprising is the reaction from those who have been steadfastly opposed to Obama and everything he stands for.  Both an evangelical Christian, who is primarily concerned with the social agenda, and a secular conservative, who is primarily concerned about his guns and his taxes being given to the lazy, enjoyed the speech and even said, “I could possibly see myself voting for him”.

I guess this goes in the "meep meep, motherfuckers" category. And I'm Wile E. Coyote this time.

Update: the poll linked above is from 2011, not 2012. The Dish wasn't the only blog to make this mistake. There doesn't seem to be much polling on the SOTU yet, but Steve Benen points to some focus groups that loved the speech.