Ad War Update: Gingrich Barrels Back

In a devastating preview ("Obamacare Inventor," "Swiss Bank," "Con Artists"), Newt's PAC debuts another documentary:

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The PAC says "Blood Money" will air starting tomorrow at 5 pm EST. Andrew Kaczynski provided background on the Bain Medicare scandal a few days ago: 

Romney and Bain Capital made huge profits when they sold Damon Corporation in 1993. But the strong revenues that the company had posted were created partially by criminal activity. Damon Corporation participated in a large scale Medicare scam, billing the government for blood tests that never occurred. The Boston Globe show that Romney personally made $473,000 when Corning Inc. purchased Damon Corp. from Bain in 1993. Romney sat on the board of Damon Corp. from 1990-1993, when a large amount of the fraud was occurring. After the sale of the company, Bain reaped in profits of over $7.4 million. In 1996, Damon Corporation pled guilty to federal conspiracy and defrauding the government out of $25 million. The record fine of $119 million was harsh penalty for scheme labeled by then US Attorney Donald Stern “a case, pure and simple, of corporate greed run amok.”

Next, a relatively insipid spot from Winning Our Future: 

Gingrich's own campaign calls attention to Romney's record as a "liberal governor": 

Meanwhile, Romney reminds Floridians of Gingrich's past ethics violations: 


Greg Sargent explains that the above mailer is part of a new campaign strategy to call Newt's "emotional stability" into question: 

The Times observes that Romney’s new strategy of tearing down Gingrich’s character risks turning off the independents, women and suburban Republicans that Romney will need in a general election. As the above mailer suggests, it’s a risk the Romney team is prepared to take — and perhaps sees as an imperative at this point.

Page one of the mailer, which quotes Jennifer Rubin on Gingrich's "well of sleaze," here. Josh Marshall adds

As I've told people a few times: wake me up when the Romney campaign schedules a press call with a psychiatrist. … This anti-Newt mailer sent out by the Romney campaign isn't quite that. But it's close.

Here's a companion TV spot, which warns that Nancy Pelosi could end Gingrich's candidacy: 

Pelosi is now backtracking on her claims.