Does Newt Know How To Quit?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 30 2012 @ 10:52am

The Daily Caller obtained a Gingrich memo mapping out the campaign's strategy through Super Tuesday. John Heilemann suspects that Gingrich is "mad and mental enough to fight on long after Florida":

Pledges to continue the fight unabated in the face of harsh and/or humiliating outcomes are staples of presidential campaigns. And they are also patently meaningless. (Please recall Jon Huntsman's feigned brio on the night of the New Hampshire primary — and his departure from the race a few days later.) But in Gingrich's case, he might be serious, so much has he come to despise Romney and the Republican Establishment that has brought down on him a twenty-ton shithammer in Florida, and so convinced is he of his own Churchillian greatness and world-historical destiny.

Kevin Drum seconds him. I guess I'm biased as I really enjoy a good political bloodbath. And during this campaign, I've come to loathe Romney almost as much as his Republican peers do.