How Schoolyard Taunts Backfire

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 30 2012 @ 4:06pm

Rob Tisinai refuses to ridicule the looks of marriage equality opponents:

Mocking Maggie Gallagher for her weight is like handing her a stick to beat us with.  I bet she loves this sort of thing, from a professional perspective at least.  I bet she wishes we’d take this low road in a televised confrontation.  It’s an automatic win for her side. It also kills our credibility.  Right now we’re trying to reach that undecided 20% of America who just don’t think that much about marriage equality.  If I were part of that group and I saw gays insulting Maggie for her weight, I’d figure they had nothing else to offer, nothing of substance anyway.  That’s why this is different from mocking our opponents for factual errors, mistakes in logic, and hateful homophobia.  That kind of mockery, at least, stays on relevant ground.

Plus, such ad hominem attacks are just dickish by themselves.