The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew set the record straight on Obama and bin Laden, waded in to the "Israel Firster debate," bashed Jonathan Franzen's rant against e-books, updated you on his Angry Birds progress and the latest research on its beneficial effects on your brain, noted Newt's money problems, told the guy not to quit after Florida, confessed to loathing Romney, saw an uptick in Obama's (Rasmussen!) numbers, and agreed that mocking people for their physical appearance is "just dickish." Newt's fate was up to the elderly, the press hoped for more primary drama from the former speaker, his campaign was fundamentally, historically underwritten by one rich donor, and he appeared to have been down with the mandate in 2009. Romneycare worked, its eponymous progenitor's jobs claims didn't hold up, Paul crept up on the race, foreign policy hurt the candidates, and Intrade's value was debated.

An Iran war seemed like to hurt the one in Afghanistan, nuclear weapons were ambiguously calming, debate raged over American (non) decline, LARPing explained international relations, and the State of the Union may have been less xenophobic than previously thought. The Buffett Rule had hypothetical downsides, space exploration cost a pretty penny, snow economics were tricksy, and the Queen's job record impressed. Dogs were super malleable, phenotypically speaking, and adorable at dog parks. Conservatism didn't correlate with age, the Salem witches took a bunch of datura, the internet binged on television, and Hollywood's treatment of race continued to be a hot topic.

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