Can Romney Win The South?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 31 2012 @ 12:34pm

Kornacki has doubts:

The former Massachusetts governor’s poll numbers have been worse in Dixie than anywhere else in the country. And while there hasn’t been extensive polling in individual Southern states, there were signs late last year that Gingrich, a nominal Southerner who represented Georgia in the House for 20 years, enjoyed unusual strength in the region. In early and mid-March, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana will all vote; Gingrich may see in these states an opportunity to recapture his South Carolina magic. (Virginia, which votes March 6, would also seem a natural Gingrich target — if he’d qualified for its ballot.)

I also have my doubts. But Romney has apparently made gains among Christianists and evangelicals in Florida. The panhandle will be the place to watch for tonight. If Romney can win well there, Newt is in real trouble. But if Romney still struggles there as he did in South Carolina, then Super Tuesday will live up to its name.