From The Annals Of Chutzpah

Michael Novak laments the "injustice done" to Joe Paterno:  

In a fit of what to many alumni seems to have been fear for themselves, the board’s members ducked their own responsibility, and in the most ignoble and impersonal way, made JoePa, the moral giant of Penn State, a moral outcast. What did they do? Despite the fact that JoePa had said he was going to resign after the 2011 season was over, they gave Joe (after nearly 60 years of leadership unparalleled in the annals of any university) over to the national press and the national mob as a scapegoat, to bear the whole heartbreaking scandal on his shoulders, to be burned as a live offering, in expiation of their sins.

Dreher sighs

For Novak, the tragedy is that a man who was technically innocent of wrongdoing (“JoePa had met his professional responsibilities”) the Sanhedrin Penn State board of trustees sacrificed him nonetheless. What did this sacrifice consist of? Firing him instead of letting him dictate the terms of his exit. They sure don’t do crucifixions like they used to.