Romney’s Medicare Fraud Problem

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 31 2012 @ 11:51am

Glenn Kessler fact-checks pro-Gingrich PAC Winning Our Future's second mini-documentary, "Blood Money": 

We were highly critical of Winning Our Future’s “King of Bain” film, awarding it Four Pinocchios, in part because it focused on business failures in which Romney was only tangentially involved. … [T]his time Winning Our Future gets closer to the mark. The case concerning Damon Clinical Laboratories is relevant because 1) Romney was a director of the firm while the fraud took place; 2) the fraud appears to have ended only after Bain sold its stake in the firm; 3) Romney personally earned nearly $500,000 from the sale of Damon; and 4) Romney’s statements about what he knew and when he knew it have been inconsistent.

Ross Kaminsky wonders if the Medicare scandal will do damage to Romney in the long-term. Previous coverage of the Damon Corp. story here and here.