The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 31 2012 @ 11:45pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew liveblogged the resounding Romney victory in Florida, explained why the panhandle was a key indicator of future performance, cautioned against premature declarations of victory in the primaries, and pondered Mitt's inscrutable persona. We also bet the margin of Romney's victory would be important and saw legal trouble on the horizon when it came to delegate allocation. Romney displayed his awkwardness (twice), his electability and "businessman" pitch were scrutinized, and both his new tax loophole for the rich and involvement in a Medicare scam caught flak. It wasn't clear which candidate sensible Republicans should root for, Chris Matthews psychoanalyzed Newt, there was reason for Gingrich to keep running, and the long primary contined to hurt the GOP. Ad War Updates here and here.

In non-election coverage, Andrew connected shrooms to our spiritual lives and defended Obama's long-game strategy against a partisan liberal critique. Our Iran strategy showed promising signs, Libya muddled through, Israel unravelled further, and the US was advised against starting more land wars. Joe Paterno received a Chutzpah-riffic defense, Miss Piggy went rogue, and the housing bubble didn't actually provide people, er, homes. Other people deserved pain pills, brains worked like waistlines, and circumcision might have decreased risky sex.

The world of seals amazed, teenagers used silly abbreviations, cabin porn went on display, and cities greened the earth. Malkin nods here and here, Map of the Day here, VFYW here, the latest VFYW winner here, MHB here, and FOTD here.


(Photo by Evan McMorris-Santoro)