Romney: “I’m Not Concerned About The Very Poor”

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 1 2012 @ 12:01pm

Romney continues to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease:

Chait winces:

It may not be true that, at a personal level, Romney doesn’t care about the poor. He probably does. But his platform doesn’t. In that sense, his slip-up was a gaffe in the classic sense of admitting what he actually thinks.

Mataconis expects the soundbite to be replayed this fall:

This isn’t the most important story of the day, much less a story that is likely to play a major role in the General Election campaign. Nonetheless, it was an unforced error on Romney’s part on a morning he should be reveling in the glow of a well won victory. He’s going to need to learn to avoid those in the future.

How many times now has he said things in public that are completely disastrous? "I like to fire people". "Wanna bet $10,000?" An annual income of $370,000 is "not very much". And now this.

Just because Romney looks smooth doesn't mean he is. He is often a dreadfully inept candidate. Last night, his victory speech was repellent; this morning he goes and says something this crass.