The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew GT_NEWT-BUS_120201spotted cracks in his dog-on-the-roof story, watched the first Mittpression of the campaign season, followed up on the  morning's very poor gaffe, and saw Romney take the top national spot from Newt. We also grimaced at signs the GOP wouldn't change after a general loss, explored their SuperPAC advantage, noted
(Romney-specific?) base turnout problem, thought the party decided the primary, and wondered what Sarah was playing at. Compilation of Florida primary coverage here.

Andrew sounded a warning about a slippery slope to war with Iran and explained his "poetic free association" in the shrooms discussion. Syria escalated (in a number of ways), bullets got smart, and international relations scholars already used LARPing to understand the world. Libertarianism needed to stay away from partisan politics, marriage equality won with the next generation, the Fast and Furious scandal got a serious look, and another horrific scene from the drug war came to light. Government work paid well for the less educated and entrepreneurship wasn't actually that risky. We unearthed the most annoying Tweet imaginable, noticed people living alone, found a way to get people off elevators, and countered the "music is on the decline" perception. Readers sounded off on ebooks, pain pills, and teenage abbrevs. Quote for the Day here, FOTD here, MHB here, and VFYW here


(Photo: Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich greets the media as he departs his bus during a visit to the Great Basin Brewing Company on February 1, 2012 in Reno, Nevada. By Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images.)